Oxford Square

The period houses and iconic streetscapes of Oxford Square are often sought for commercials, TV shows and movies.  Oxford Square is happy to welcome film productions who work in cooperation with the neighborhood to offer a positive experience for everyone.

Interested in Filming in Oxford Square?

Producers please contact our film liason Chris Elwell at the following email address below. Chris will work with you to ensure that all homeowners near the proposed shooting location(s) are properly notified and that shoots proceed smoothly with minimum disruption to the neighborhood.


Among other measures, we will as that production please follow basic good neighbor practices, including, but not limited to:

  1.  Providing notice to neighbors within 500 feet and to the Oxford Square film liaison 3 days in advance of first production day (whether filming or prep).  Particular attention should be paid to immediately adjacent neighbors to each shoot.
  2. Minimizing evening/night/weekend exterior shots and noise.  Hours should be limited to 7 am – 10 pm. Weekend and holiday filming is generally discouraged.  An extension of filming hours must be specifically indicated to residents and approved on the Film LA permit.
  3. Minimizing parking impacts.  Cast and crew should not park on Windsor Blvd., Victoria Ave. or 12th Street. Trucks should not be parked in front of residence that do not approve the production in the Film LA survey process.
  4. Maintaining generators in commercial, rather than residential locations. Generators should have a proper noise shield.  If staging generator at a commercial location (e.g., on Pico or Olympic Blvd.) is not possible, generator should be located in front of the house that is contracting for the film shoot.
  5. Avoiding excessive shoot durations and frequency on any single block. 
  6. Respecting privacy and property (driveways, parkways, yards, etc.). Sidewalks and driveways to be kept clear at all times.
  7. Ongoing communication with the liaison/immediate neighbors regarding hours and other impac

Film Donation

In an effort to make filming here is a “win-win” situation, Oxford Square suggests a monetary donation using the following schedule below. All proceeds will go toward the betterment of Oxford Square. :

Weekdays (7am – 10pm)

  • $100/weekday for still shoots
  • $350/weekday for commercial shoots
  • $500/weekday for film/TV shoots

Weekends and Holidays (7 am to 10 pm)

  • $500/day for still shoots
  • $5000/day for commercial and film/TV shoots

After-hours (After 10pm and before 7am) Weekdays, Weekends and Holidays

  • $1000 for each half hour. 

Residents interested in Filming on your Property?

If you are interested in filming on your property, please help to minimize inconvenience for your neighbors and make the shoot beneficial for everyone. Before you commit to a shoot on your property, we ask that you (a) contact our film liaison for Oxford Square and (b) discuss the shoot with your immediate neighbors.